The miserable adventures of

“Floor!” he shouted. “That’s it, I’m done!”

I look up to see Mr. Toad turned around at the table. Facing my direction and looking for justice. I have no clue what is going on but there had been a rivalry growing between him and the other player. I already had to ask them to watch their language while playing at the table.

As I walk over to find out what the commotion is about, Mr. Toad stands up.

“I have had it!” he exclaims.

I ask my dealer what happened. They explain that there was a straddle from the button. The action folded around to the blinds with one caller, one of the blinds called, then the straddle raised, and then it appeared that everyone folded to the raise. The player who had straddled mucks their cards and the dealer begin to award them the pot. As this happens one of the players who had called objects. This is where the problem started. Mr. Toad is sitting in seat one and his opponent is in seat nine. The player in seat nine claims that his action was skipped and because Mr. Toad has mucked his hand that he is now the winner of the pot. No one can identify Mr. Toad’s cards as they were mixed in with the muck. Technically his hand is dead. Before I can finish getting all the facts to make a ruling, Mr. Toad picks up his chips, puts them in his pocket and walks off. Did he just take ten dollars that do not belong to him?

I call surveillance to verify the order of events and confirm what happened. They call back and let me know that seat nine never made an action and that after the one caller from the blind folds, Mr. Toad tosses his hand into the muck. I give that player ten dollars from the poker room bank.

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