That new card room smell

Las Vegas recently welcomed a new casino, Resorts World. I have watched this place being built for the past few years. I recall when the tower went up, I thought that it looked like the Encore and Wynn towers. All I knew prior to their grand opening is that the poker room had thirty tables. No one really knew what games they were going to spread but some assumptions could be made. This is the first time that I could have been able to go to a grand opening, but I decided not to go. I was honestly not interested in their entertainment lineup or anything else related to the casino. The only thing I cared about was going to play poker in the shiny new room.

The week after they opened, I had not gone to play there yet. I still wanted to go check it out but just had not made the effort to go yet. A couple of friends from out of town were in town and I spent most of the week hanging out with them. On a Tuesday night we all met up at the Sahara for a $1-$1 Pot Limit Omaha game. My friends knew the player that had gotten the game going and I knew him through some poker forums. I do not usually play Omaha, but I felt familiar enough with it to hold my own. At first things were going well and then I lost a good chunk of my stack. Soon I ended up punting the rest of it off. All I remember about the hand that I went bust on is that I had pocket Jacks with an 87 or 98 off suit and one of the suits matched one of my Jacks. I had suspected that one of the players had been playing a bit splashy to drive the action, he was still playing within reason but splashy. I did not notice that someone else was left in the hand, I was stuck in the hand because I had called. The third player ended up scooping the pot, but my original instinct had been right. Had the pot been heads up, I would have won.

During that game and the next day, I kept hearing about how the action at Resorts World was great. One of the guys that had come to visit had played there a couple of times and claimed that he was printing money. He promised the games were soft. I decided to make it a point to go check out the games at Resorts World. On Thursday of that week, I went to Resorts World to play my first session there. I ended up going to have dinner at their food court. It was not the best and it was extremely overpriced. It was not my best session but not the worst. I was still able to book a win for the night. The room was nice, the chairs were extremely comfortable, and the action was good. It just was not my night. The next night I came back for another session. This session was great! I went back for my next session, again and again and I was doing good. I did have one bad session, but I was still able to make up for it.

The games at Resorts World were surprisingly good in my opinion. Some nights it was hit or miss. When the action was great there would be a couple tourists sitting at the table that did not know much about poker, other players would be out of town recreational players and not necessarily that skilled, and then you would have a grinder or two at the table. When the games were a miss, the table would be full of familiar face and what looked like tight players, possibly traveling grinders sprinkled with a few tourists there to check out the new poker room. Some nights there were a lot of games going and other nights that I went there was barely a couple games. I kept finding myself going back and making a decent profit. There was nothing special about this poker room but the potential to make money was there.

One of the best nights I had playing poker there started when the game felt like it was losing action. As I was getting ready mentally to get up a new player arrived to the table and immediately started making big raises and challenging people. This player was sitting there daring others to call his raises and telling them what he supposedly had in his hand. I had quickly become interested in the game again. He had quickly started to build a little stack of chips but just as quickly as he would win them he would lose them, but he would just buy back in. Early on when he had first sat down, I got involved in a hand with him. We got it all in pre-flop because I was not a believer. I called him with Ace King off suit and got lucky. As the night went on chips were getting shoved back and forth between but my chip stack was just growing. Hand after hand I was getting paid off by this player.

Eventually the night came to an end. You can usually spot one of these tables if watch long enough. You see a lot of chips getting shoved back and forth. There are usually a couple players with a lot of chips. The table will usually have laughter and a lot of talking among the players. Then after one player leaves, you will see the table calm down and get quiet. Shortly after the table will usually break and half the table will leave.

Bizzy’s 2021 Gains: $3038.83

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