Exploring Midwestern Poker Part 3 of 5

Our trip continued the next day to our destination. I have spent most of my life living in Wisconsin and the main purpose of the trip was to pick up my child who had been visiting family for the summer. I was looking forward to arriving to Milwaukee, WI and going to check out the action at Potawatomi casino. I spent a lot of time playing there in the past. The drive itself from Kansas City to Milwaukee was uneventful. There isn’t much to see in between. As we arrived at the Wisconsin border there were some storm warnings but as far as we could tell there were not any storms. We kept going since we were so close and just crossed our fingers that we would not be caught in the storm. We made it and checked in to our hotel for the next few days.

We decided to go to dinner and then after I planned to go to Potawatomi to play some poker. We settled in and decided to walk to a restaurant near the hotel for dinner. After dinner we walked back and just relaxed for a bit. It was the first time in three or four days that we did not have to get up the next morning to drive. Eventually we realized there were a few items that we needed so I put my shoes on and decided to walk to a nearby gas station to pick up those items. On my way there I decided that when I got back, I would finally go to play poker. As I was walking, I started to look up the phone number to the poker room so I could get my name listed on the wait list. That is when I found out the bad news… The Potawatomi Poker Room was still closed. I called the main casino number to verify, and they confirmed that the poker room was closed but not permanently. They did not have any information on when it would be opened back up but they would soon begin the hiring process. As of this blog post, there is still no news on when they will re-open.

The next few days went by fast. We spent our time sightseeing and visiting friends and family that I still had in the area. Our next stop was in Green Bay, WI. This time I made sure that the poker room was open. I did not want to be disappointed again as that would have been the third time that I would not have been able to go play poker when I wanted to on the trip. Luckily the poker room was open but under limited hours. Their poker room is only open from Wednesday through Saturday, noon to 4 A.M. I ended up going on a Saturday night. The room there is small when compared to most poker rooms that I have been to. They only have eight or ten tables. When I arrived, I surprised to see that they still had plexiglass partitions up and they were only running seven max tables, which made for some interesting play. One thing about the pandemic is that you find yourself playing short handed a lot more often which is great if you have experience in it. I have an edge here thanks to all the short handed play I have from online sites.

My session started out a little slow, but I quickly found my groove and started to exploit the players folding tendencies. I found myself basically playing any pocket pair, all the broad ways, Suited Aces and Kings, and one gap connectors and up. The players at this first table were not very aggressive at all. They basically called you down and mucked at the end of the hand. I lost a couple of hands but not very many and each time I lost, I felt like I had lost the minimum. I even managed to get paid with quad fives. Some local reg came to our table, at least I thought he was a local reg. He had a hoodie on that promoted his social media and appeared to me that he might be trying to make it as a poker vlogger. I remember thinking to myself that his play style seemed a little arrogant as if he was the table captain. That is when I decided to 3-bet him to see what he was about. He never 4-bet me and just called a lot. Then the one hand that he decided to take a stand and play back at me I had turned quads. I ended up stacking him.

Eventually the table broke and I was moved to another game. This table was just as soft. There was one player that clearly did not care if he won and wanted to go bust so he could have an excuse to go home. I started to raise so I could isolate him. This player was short stacking, so I was prepared to get it in with him if it came down to it. Unfortunately, I could not win a hand. One hand I had top pair with a flush draw, but he turned trips. Another hand he turned two pair that held. He was constantly hitting with hands that were obvious not good hands pre-flop. By the time the poker room closed what had started out as a great session turned into a losing session. As we were standing in line to cash out, I started to chat with the loose player from the table. He confirmed that he was trying to go bust but he kept hitting. That made me feel a little better, but I also knew that some of the hands that I played were not the best spots I could be in. I look forward to the next time I get to go play at Oneida because I know I can crush it.

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